Top 5 tips and areas to pay attention to when building a pool

Top 5 tips and areas to pay attention to when building a pool


One of the most important things to get right with your swimming pool is its construction. It is a very common mistake for people to think they can get a builder in to construct the pool shell. The problem with this approach is there are very specific pool construction tasks that a builder will not do, such as installing a hydrostatic relief valve, checking that the shell can handle the water pressure and weight of the pool and even providing a warranty.


Everyone wants their pool to look good and why not?
Swimming pool design is critical to both the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve and what you can do in the swimming pool. Regular rectangular designs are great for the classic look, but Kidney shaped may be more aesthetically appealing. Depending on your tastes and what you are trying to achieve. Besides looking good, it is very important that the correct size pipes are installed into the pool shell to allow your filtration system to have a healthy turnover rate ensuring the pool water is always clear, clean and safe for its bathers.


Rendering and tanking is a vital part of the pool construction, once your pool shell has been constructed the next stage is the waterproofing. Most companies will use sand and cement and then use a tanking system which 95% of the time works, to ensure you’re not the 5% with a leaking pool when the tanking is complete the pool should be filled up and put under a wet test to prove your shell is water tight before the tiling works commence!


The plant room is like the engine in a car, without a satisfactory plant room the pool itself will suffer. Exactly how big the plant room needs to be will depend on the size of the pool.

Before having a plant room installed, it is important to understand the space requirement to ensure that you have enough room to accommodate the correct filter and pump sizes to meet your flow rate as well as good sanitization systems.

For sanitization, you need to be aware and weigh up the pros and cons of the different systems on offer, such as the typical chlorine systems, as well as the newer, sophisticated systems which offer a lot less chlorine.


An automatic cover is a real compliment to the pool and a ‘wow factor’ but there are many benefits to having a pool cover which everyone should think about having and which is why it makes this list.

A pool cover will help to keep the water free from insects and leaves as well as preserving heat loss and water evaporation, up to 85%.

As well as saving you considerable costs with the maintenance of your pool, the safety aspect is particularly important, especially around kids and pets and having a pool cover can help in regards to this, however safety covers can still hold vast amount of rain water on the surface so this is another question to ask and to look into when decided on your pool cover.

Our personal go to cover is the ocea pool cover but please make sure to think of everything that may play a factor.

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