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Renovate & Refurbish

Update your pool

Does your swimming pool or hot tub require an update in design or shape? Do you simply want to upgrade your heating or filtration system to modern energy efficient standards? You can dramatically improve the efficiency of your swimming pool!

Platinum Pool Service, our team of swimming pool experts located in Sussex offer a creative swimming pool re-design, renovation and refurbishment service. We have years of experience in working on swimming pool and hot tub renovation and refurbishment as well as swimming pool and hot tub restoration in around Sussex and Surrey.


Whether it’s a simple pool repair or full swimming pool refurbishment, Platinum Pool Service have the tools and skills to carry out the job to the highest standard.

Swimming pool refurbishment often takes as much detail and planning as a new swimming pool construction and we ensure we put in the same amount of effort with our swimming pool renovation projects, as we would a new swimming pool.

Services covered under swimming pool refurbishment and repair include:

  • Swimming pool lining repairs and/or replacement

  • Swimming pool re-tiling and tile repairs

  • Replacing swimming pool fittings including pipework renewal

  • Swimming pool cover replacement

  • Swimming pool paving, decking and landscaping

  • And many more…


If you are thinking of refurbishing, renovating or updating your Swimming Pool, Hot Tub or Spa and you are located in Sussex, Surrey or surrounding counties, contact us today for your FREE no obligation quotation.

Swimming pool in need of renovation
Let us create your perfect swimming pool, hot tub or spa
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